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    Players: 1-2 (online: 1-2)
    Online Trophies: Online is not required for any of the trophies though many can be achieved while playing in Online Modes.
    Estimated Time to 100%:
    Minimum Playthroughs: Once through Main and Dream Logs as well as various repeating of individual stages for clean-up.
    Collectible Trophies:
    Missable Trophies: There are no missable trophies for this title.
    Tips & Strategies



    I'm going to become the King of the Pirates! :platinum:
    Acquire all trophies.

    We'll always be friends!! :bronze:
    Complete the Legend Log Prologue.

    Let's go! "The Grand Line"! :bronze:
    Complete the First Chapter of the Legend Log.

    El Dorado was in the sky all along! :bronze:
    Complete the Second Chapter of the Legend Log.

    This crew is hard to handle :bronze:
    Complete the Third Chapter of the Legend Log.

    Two years later!! At the Sabaody Archipelago!!! :bronze:
    Complete the Fourth Chapter of the Legend Log.

    We will carry his ideals onward! :silver:
    Complete the Final Chapter of the Legend Log.

    Common sense does not apply in this ocean! :bronze:
    Complete five or more islands in the Dream Log.

    We just gotta find out when we get there! :bronze:
    Complete 15 or more islands in the Dream Log.

    If we meet now, the promise will change, Luffy. :silver:
    Complete the Dream Log.

    People's dreams never die!!! :gold:
    Complete the "Final Island" in the Dream Log.

    See You At The Top :bronze:
    Get an S-Rank Results Evaluation for a single episode.

    Rise to the top! :silver:
    Achieve 100% Legend Points in a single episode.

    You'll have to search the whole world! :gold:
    Achieve 100% Legend Points in all episodes.

    So, What Dream Should I Chase After Next? :bronze:
    Complete 25% or more of the Gallery.

    We... know everything in all of history... :gold:
    Complete the entire Gallery.

    Nice, Zoro! :bronze:
    Unleash your first Kizuna Attack.

    No sweat, Captain! :bronze:
    Unleash your first Kizuna Rush.

    Save me, Sniper King! :bronze:
    Unleash your first Hero Power.

    ...Hey, cook. gimme a hand for a few seconds. :bronze:
    Change Crew members for the first time.

    We're a team, aren't we? :bronze:
    Increase one character's Crew LEVEL to MAX.

    You're All My Family :silver:
    Increase 20 or more character's Crew LEVEL to MAX.

    We're "Wanted Men" now! :bronze:
    Obtain one Skill Poster.

    My bounty is 400 million Beli?! :silver:
    Obtain 20 or more Skill Posters.

    I'm gonna defeat you!! :bronze:
    Obtain one Skill.

    You've grown into a fine man. That hat looks good on you...! :silver:
    Obtain 20 or more Skills.

    So long! And thanks for the treasure! :bronze:
    Obtain one Coin.

    There's probably a lot more of these. :bronze:
    Obtain 50 or more types of Coins.

    There's just so much! And it's scattered everywhere! :silver:
    Obtain 100 or more types of Coins.

    I'll only grow stronger. :silver:
    Break through one Character's growth limit.

    Lay your life on the line and come **** me! :silver:
    Unlock all Characters.

    I'll take you all on! Even tens of thousands of 'ya! :silver:
    Defeat over 100,000 enemies.

    This trophy is cumulative over all games modes through the course of the game. Many of the stages will see you easily defeating a few thousand enemies and **** the grinding needed to complete the gallery you will come across this in normal playthrough.

    As expected of Luffy's Crew... :silver:
    Defeat over 10,000 enemies using Kizuna Attacks.

    He Certainly Is A Legendary Monster!! :silver:
    Defeat over 10,000 enemies using Special Attacks.

    You Possess The Most Fearsome Power...!! :silver:
    Defeat 300 enemies using a single Kizuna Rush.

    If he wasn't capable of that, we'd have to have a new Captain. :bronze:
    Defeat 1,000 enemies in a single battle.

    He's already got... such a trustworthy Crew. :bronze:
    Use Kizuna Attacks of 3 different Crew mates in 1 battle.

    I can't do anything right, so I need the help! :bronze:
    Unleash 20 or more Kizuna Attacks in a single battle.

    I'll be your "Legendary Hero"!!! :bronze:
    Use Hero Power at least 100 times.

    Don't underestimate the potential of my crew! :bronze:
    Unleash a Special Bond Attack **** four Crewmates.

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